Customer Service


Recognizing our customers’ reputation depends on our ability to provide consistent quality and reliable service. Siam Food has established its own customer services group. A client service representative is assigned to every customer. This senior marketing manager is dedicated to providing pro-active support and keeping the customer informed throughout the order fulfillment process.

A state-of-the-art production planning and distribution system ensures all employee’s have access to real-time information about everything from raw material acquisition to shipment of finished goods.

The integration of all phases of our business results in superior cost control and quality assurance. It also means Siam Food will continue to provide exceptional customer service.


Steady expansion into new markets has provided Siam Food with worldwide coverage for the entire product line. Our specialty is providing products to institutional food service companies, supermarkets and trading companies for private branding.

As a private label supplier we recognize our customers have unique needs. So while consistent quality and on-time delivery are top priorities, we also have the flexibility to custom tailor orders.