Siam Food has a totally enclosed, pressurized fruit processing factory. This specially designed structure ensures a sanitary environment, which is especially important in Thailand’s tropical climate. The factory also features the only fully automated, computerized cleaning system in Thailand for juice concentrate production.

Although food processing is labor intensive, Siam Food has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology to monitor standards and control costs. The benefit to customers is consistently high quality products at competitive prices. The following is a part of our commitment towards the technological leader in pineapple processing.

Siam Food uses hi-tech evaporators in falling film plate or tube type to concentrate tropical fruit juices from 8° brix through to 72° brix with fibre levels as high as 20% w/v and capacities up to 100,000 kg/hr.

Aseptic processing

Aseptic process plants are used for processing single strength or concentrate juice products from 8° brix through to 65° brix. They are available in plate or multi tubular heat exchanger type and capacities up to 30,000 kg/hr for single strength juice or up to 10,000 kg/hr for concentrate products.

Aseptic particulate processing

Aseptic particulate processing plants process particulate products with high drain weights up to 84° brix. Plants are designed to continuously sterilized products such as pineapple crush, pineapple dice at capacities up to 8,000 kg/hr.