The Board of Directors' Meeting No. 7/2018 held on September 27, 2018 has reviewed and approved the vision, mission, shared core values and short-term and long-term strategies. To guide and establish clear goals for the business of the company as follows

 The company has the following vision, mission and shared core values.


            Our overriding goal is to be a modern, innovative food processing company with at least five main product groups and branded, added-value retail products that sell directly to consumers in Thailand and around the world.

We will be the 4th largest pineapple processor in the world, achieved by expansion of our growing area and processing sites. We are vertically integrated growing at least 20% of our fruit on our own plantations.

Whilst canned pineapple remains our core business it will contribute no more than 50% of our revenue. We will diversify our business and move up the value chain with new products, new packaging formats and using new process technologies


            Siam Foods processes packaged fruit and has a high reputation for its long history as a founder of the pineapple industry in Thailand with consistently good service and quality. We are principled, ethical and loyal, following the way of our owners. We want to make the Thai pineapple industry sustainable for farmers in the long run where we can both make reasonable profits in every year.

We dont stand still and are always looking for new ways to innovate, grow and improve. We are socially responsible and provide an environment that is fair, fun and challenging with long term rewards for those that grow with us.

Our customers are from export markets all over the world. They always see Siam Foods as a reliable partner. They trust us for our quality and we develop loyalty over years so that product price alone is not always the most important factor.

Shared Core Values     

Deliver Results

Get the right things done. Make things happen. Establish a track record of results and accomplishments. Be on time and be correct the first time. Quality is our priority.

Get Better

Continuously Improve. Have a ‘’can do’’ attitude and find creative ways to do new things.

Be innovative. Take responsibility. Never accept that what we do today is just enough.

Give Trust

Demonstrate trust to others. Care for others is to treat them with respect. Be open and genuine. Make things right when you are wrong. Give credit to others.

Have Integrity

      Be honest. Keep to ethical principals. Be loyal. Act with the best intentions.